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Time Lapse and Monitoring Service Details

Monthly Service Fee Includes:

  • Camera rental
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Telstra 4G data plan
  • Personal monitoring page
  • Constant cloud backup of project
  • Ongoing service and support
  • Quarterly construction updates
  • Professionally edited time lapse videos


  • 5 Mega Pixels (Higher resolution than HD)
  • 90 degree viewing angle
  • Inbuilt solar panel
  • Li-Ion battery backup
  • 4G mobile modem
  • Waterproof IP-54 to handle all weather
  • Light and compact - 1KG and 15cm x 10cm
  • Aluminium construction
  • 32GB SD Card
  • Mobile Sim Card
  • Mount and hardware
  • Push button operation

Camera Unit

Designed and developed in Australia, this powerful little time lapse unit is durable and simple to use. It is designed to last outside in the elements without any need to visit the camera once installed. It has infinite solar power with a 30 day lithium ion battery backup and is connected to the 4G mobile network for uploading every photo it takes for monitoring.

Delivery and Installation

Make an order and we will express post a Little Snitch to you right away. Installation is easy and takes only 5 minutes. You have the choice to either fix the mount to a pole using the provided hose clamp or screw into a solid wall using the provided screws. The camera comes preset so you only have to point it in the direction you want to capture, tighten the mount wingnuts and switch it on.

Instant Monitoring

As soon as you switch the camera on, the Little Snitch will start taking photos at 30 minute intervals and instantly upload them to your personal monitoring page. That is where you will be able to see a full photo history of your project. You can choose any day from the calendar to see what happened on that day.

Click here to see a demo monitoring page.

Spectacular Video

On completion of your project we will go to work creating your custom time lapse video. We use our video production background to leave you with a spectacular time lapse video that is ready to broadcast to the world. The video will open with your custom animated logo and uplifting royalty free music in the background. Then you will see your project develop from start to finish in an eye pleasing flickerless time lapse. The video will end on your logo and subtitle with any other details you might wish to add ie. website, phone number etc.


Why are our videos better?

It’s because we:

  • Remove any images without activity (weekends, RDO’s, after hours, etc.)
  • Remove rainy days and high contrasting images to remove the strobe effect
  • Blend the images together on a time line
  • Edit into a seamless video with music and a custom animated logo

Inquire now and we will quickly reply with pricing and details!

Get in touch:
17 Baines Crescent
Torquay, VIC 3228

Greenpole Pty Ltd
ABN: 69 614 989 427
(Trading as Little Snitch Time Lapse)